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Azal Flight Training Center

       Flight training centre offers you everything you need for the training of your cockpit and cabin crews. Our services begin before the actual training takes place: We assess your requirements, provide in-depth advice, and compile the optimal training program designed toward the specific processes of your company.

      We train your prospective personnel, assume responsibility for complete Training, and provide all Advanced Training and Upgrades. This is the core of our Training Principle: We always provide the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

       In addition to enthusiasm and passion, prospective pilots need one thing above all: sound knowledge. We offer you two training options developed to ensure that prospective pilots are prepared to meet any challenge that may arise.

       At our Azal Flight Training Center in Baku you have access to numerous state-of-the-art emergency simulators and training devices. Your flight personnel can objectively train the appropriate handling of critical situations without any risk.