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Academician Arif Mirjalal oglu Pashayev

       Arif Mirjalal oglu Pashayev was born on February 15, 1934 in the city of Baku. His higher education was at first started in Moscow and then continued in the Institute of «Electrical Engineering» and «Communications» on speciality of «Radiophysics» in Odessa. Arif M. Pashayev is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. On June 30, 1989 A. Pashayev was elected corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on speciality «Scientific Instrument Making». On November 5, 2001 he was elected full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on speciality «Physics». A. Pashayev is a State- Prize laureate. He is the USSR inventor. For great achievements in the field of physics he was awarded the medal named after Y. Mammedaliyev and the gold medal of International Biographic Centre of England. According to the decision of the International Scientific Centre “Vector” Committee on awarding prizes he was declared the winner of the International project “Outstanding Scientists of Azerbaijan” and was awarded International diploma “Famous scientists of the XXI century.” He is the chairman of Specialized Council on theses defending at the National Academy of Aviation and he was elected the member of Coordinative Council on aviation specialists training attached to Interstate Aviation Committee.
        Since 1996 A. Pashayev has been the Rector of Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy. He has created a new scientific trend in aviation. A. Pashayev is the author of more than 400 scientific papers, more than 20 books and monographs. For great searvices in development of science and education by the resolution of the International Council for Scientific Development International Academy of Science he was awarded with Gold Pin after Nobel Prize laureate Pawlow. He was awarded the Gold medal of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). For his contribution to Azerbaijan’s treasury of science and education, for worthy presentation of Azerbaijan’s science in the world A. Pashayev was conferred the title of Honored scientist and was also awarded the gold medal “Son of the Fatherland” introduced by the journal “The world of Azerbaijan” and diploma “Ambassador for Piece” of World Peace Council.